Lantmännen employees, the heart and soul of the company

We have now reached the end of period two, which means we are almost done with half of the trainee program. A strange, sad but exciting feeling. What I will remember the most from these seven months are all the amazing people I have met and worked with. Say whatreflektion you want about Lantmännen but their employees are hard to compete with. Other companies I have work for don’t even come close!

As some of you might remember I have had two projects during my second trainee period, one for the owner relations and one for the internal communications. These projects have resulted in a lot of traveling and meetings with Lantmännen employees around Sweden. During the period I have visited 11 Lantmännen sites scattered in 9 different cities as well as 10 farmers around the Swedish countryside. I can’t explain how much this has helped me understand how all different businesses within Lantmännen are linked together and jointly creates value to the owners, customers as well as to the consumers.

But to be this large international group also means some challenges. One of these challenges is the internal communication, an issue I have examined more closely during the last four months. The purpose was to map the channels we today are using towards our personnel, how well these channels are working and to create suggestions for improvements.

What I have seen is that Lantmännens is good when it comes to communicating information internally as well as involve its employees, a reason we have such amazing employees. But unfortunately, sometimes we are not good enough in some parts of the company. And if we want to continue to be as far ahead as we are compared to our competitors we have to step up when it comes to our internal communication.

I presented my results yesterday which were well received. The next step will be to develop a strategic plan for a future improvement of the communication channels, where my work will play an important part. It is extremely satisfying to see my work benefitting the department and the future strategic work of the company.

Next time you hear from me I will be at the R&D department within our food sector, working with mutual investments areas for our food brands. But before that I will spend a week in Barcelona. Jealous? Of course you are, I even envy myself!

Until next time, take care.

Jakob Söderström