Junior Brand Manager GoGreen

During the past two, almost three, months I have had the opportunity to take on the role as junior brand manager for GoGreen. Since my background is in environmental engineering, a marketing position and working with fast moving consumer goods is quite uncharted territory for me. This is really the thrill with the trainee program –you can try out any role and task independent on background and most likely, it will open up new horizons. These days my mind is often busy with questions like; what does the consumer really want? How do we fight back competition in segment x and y? What risk do we take if we start the design work now even though we don’t know yet if the customer will put the product on the shelf – what’s the risk if we wait?

My tasks during this rotation has been both operational and strategic. An operational task has been working with product designs. GoGreen is at the moment going through a design change with a new logo and colors. An ongoing work to switch over the products packaging material to this new design is therefore carried out. This starts with an iterative process with the design bureau who gives a suggestion, the brand manager gives feedback, the bureau adjust and it continues until we are happy with the design. Then a relay race starts between the brand manager, product developer, quality and regulatory where every role makes sure that what we write on the pack is correct. This work is coordinated by the brand manager and is often carried out with tight deadlines in order to finalize before it is time to print. I’m excited to see the new looks on the shelf’s later on!

On a more strategic note I have been working with new product development. This is a teamwork between the brand manager, product developer, purchase and quality. We research consumer insights, suppliers and production alternatives, volumes and prices. Then we set up a business case and – in the end – hopefully gets a ”go!” from the management team.


These months have been filled with smaller and larger tasks, a lot of meetings as well as sessions for both analysis and just getting stuff done. The picture above is from a photo shoot to create promotional material for our non-dairy drinks.

As always when having fun – time flies!

All the best,