Introduction days, tractor and work

Wow, I’ve been at Lantmännen three weeks now and already have so much to tell you! Unfortunately there’s no room for it all in just one blog post, so I’ll have to save some till next time. In this post I’ll tell you about our introduction days and my first project. But why did I write “tractor” in the title?

Let me just give you a very short presentation of myself first. My name is Victoria, I come from Stockholm and have studied chemical engineering at KTH in the same city. So let’s move on… The trainee program started with three intense introduction days in Stockholm for us trainees. During these days we got practical information about the program and information about Lantmännen, we also had time to get to know each other as well. The previous trainees also came by and joined us for dinner – we could really tell that they had a special relationship with each other and understood that we would be a part of this with time as well. Other people from the Group also visited us to talk about things such as the relationship Lantmännen has with the owners (Swedish farmers). We also visited one of them and got the chance to take a ride on a tractor!

Unfortunately the tractor on the picture is not of our Lantmännen Machinery brands, but Lantmännen was of course greatly represented at the farm as well!

My first project is located at HQ, in Stockholm, at the Supply Chain department. My task is to do a TCO (total cost of ownership) for Unibake’s muffins and donuts (yummy!) as a part of a procurement saving program. As you can read it is not excatly what I have studied at KTH, but I find this project very interesting and fun! We have a tight deadline to keep, so everything is going really fast, but I have a great mentor for this project, who supports me and I have never felt alone with this task. Our analyses will end with an opportunity workshop day, where we will invite people from Unibake to discuss this data and come up with possible cost saving projects together. I’ve been to Unibake’s Copenhagen office a couple of times as well to meet the project team. As you can understand from the picture below it can be very nice to work there. More about my travels and other fun stuff in the next blog post! 🙂 Till next time!