I love clever ideas!

Just as my fellow trainee-colleague at Doggy I didn’t know much about my assigned first placement at Gooh. Chilled ready to eat-meals that have a rather messy appearance in the tray, was my only first impression of the product. Little did I know about the reasons for and perks with that method of packaging!


My name is Pauline Lidberg and I have my first placement as a Graduate Trainee at Gooh. Gooh is a company that cooks chilled ready-made meals and can be found through various sales channels, mainly supermarkets. All meals are composed by chef Stefano Catenacci (royal supplier and one of the best chefs in Sweden), the quality and taste are top priorities in all products.

The first part of my assignment consists of extending an existing sales system and implementing some adjustments in line with features of the organization. The next part of the project involves carrying out a feasibility study for a possible replacement of the system, as the organization now grows and changes.

I have so far in this assignment benefited greatly from my exercise in mathematics detecting trends and patterns, since it proved to be essential in understanding the existing system structure and extending it. I have also had the opportunity to experience the management of a workforce that is relatively small compared to some other departments and companies within Lantmännen, which has been very interesting!

One of my first days at Gooh I got to visit the heart of the company – the kitchen! Something that surprised me was that most of the cooking of the dishes is done when the food is in the tray. The raw food is cooked when the package is sealed with a check valve on the top, creating a completely closed environment within the tray. This leads to the relatively long durability even though there are no strange additives. I think it’s very clever!


The production kitchen is also clever in the way that they use oat shell from Cerealias oat production next door to heat all the hot pots and pans. All other electricity stems from other renewable sources. Furthermore, waste from the kitchen is taken cared of for production of biogas. This environmentally consciousness is something I highly appreciate, don’t you?


Another great element during my first time at Gooh was that I was instructed to eat my way through the meal range, in order to find out what we offer our customers.

My absolute favorite is the plaice (rödspätta) with lobster sauce and mashed potatoes, yum!

Which one is your favorite?