How to be excellent in logistics?

Blog! Long time no see. Since last, I am in a totally different environment. Now I am living in Copenhagen and I am placed at Lantmännen Unibake’s central supply chain organization. So I went from volume flows of harvested grain in south of Sweden into data transparency when it comes to logistics cost of delivering bread products. So now It’s all about Danish pastry, French pastry, baguettes, premium burger buns, croissants etc. and it’s about the UK, Finland, Latvia, the US, Russia, Norway, Poland etc. because Unibake wants to be excellent within logistics all over. Therefore, you can say that I really took the trip from field to fork within Lantmännen, skiping some steps inbetween. Unibake actually have operations within 16 different countries and deliver to many more. So being within Unibake is really being a part of an international organization, only at the office in Copenhagen where I am based we have 12 different nationalities!

I am sorry but I do not have the answer to the question in the title but I am getting started on one. To become excellent within logistics we first have to understand our costs in each country and we also need to use the same language. This means that we need to measure the cost for a certain activity in the same way everywhere, so we know that we all are talking about the same thing when for example discuss costs for “box picking” or “indirect distribution”. This gives us the ability to learn from each other and take advantage of operating in so many different countries. So actually, my part of the logistics excellence project is more finance than logistics since I am mapping accounts into supply chain activities to create data transparency.


The Unibake office in Copenhagen


Living in Copenhagen is so much fun, it is a great city and we are a fun team working with logistics excellence. To map costs in every country I’ve been traveling a lot and also met many great people within the Lantmännen family, which have been a privilage.


An electric Lantmännen car in the UK


Being in a company that is huge within pastry has its advantages, when you are getting some cravings for coffee bread at the office (some would probably say disadvantages).


Have great weekend everyone, and next time you read this blog we (all trainees) probably know where our next adventure from field to fork will take place. I am so excited!

/Pontus Christerson