Last week we passed half-time for this placement and for the first time since the introduction the whole group was gathered for a half-time get together at Ljunglöfska slottet or “The Castle of Ljunglöf” in Stockholm.slott.png

The castle is known for its appearance in the Swedish Christmas calendar 2010 “Hotell Gyllene Knorren”. It also belonged to Knut Fredrik Ljunglöf “the king of snus”. Knut Ljunglöf was in the early 1900s, Europe’s largest snus producer and today there is still strategically placed snus tins throughout the castle for the guests to enjoy. How about that?

Enough about tobacco, the reason for this half-time break was to attend the first of four training modules that are essential to the program. For three days we discussed group dynamics and compositions, self-awareness, challenges when facing changes and group bonding.

It might sound like long and exhausting days, and yes it was!
However I cannot stress enough how rewarding these days felt and it was incredible to see how fast a group can grow together.  We shared much laughter these days and I think we all left very happy and satisfied but also with something to reflect on.

I would like to tell you more about the experience but what happened at the castle stays at the castle…

Instead I will tell you about my visit to a machine display in Staffanstorp with my trainee colleague Kasper.

More than a hundred customers and machine enthusiasts were gathered to converse and get introduced to the market news. While we enjoyed some food and drinks the staff from Swecon presented two new machines; a wheel loader and an excavator, both equipped with a new exhaust emission reduction system, Adblue. I will not describe it in detail but Adblue is a chemical fluid that is injected into the exhaust stream. There it transforms the nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are harmful pollutants, into water and nitrogen. How cool is that?


My project is moving on with a rapid pace and I can feel how the deadline approaches. Right now I am heading back to Sweden from a meeting at Lantmännen I Denmark, which was the final piece needed to map all the machine order flows from our main suppliers. Tomorrow I will start working on bringing it all together and initiate the development of a database that will be used to monitor and follow-up our machine deliveries

Next stop is Volvo in Arvika and Valtra in Finland before landing in Lund to represent Lantmännen at the work fair Arkad on the 13 of November. If you get a chance, pay a visit to our showcase and I will tell you more about the program and Lantmännen.