Greetings from Unibake US

Now we have all finished our first project periods and started the new ones. For me that meant crossing the Atlantic to go to Unibake US. I am currently positioned at the head office in Lilse, Chicago where functions such as finance and marketing are based. Apart from the office in Chicago, there is also a bakery located in St Petersburg in Florida which produces bread for the US market. Naturally, Lantmännen is not as large in the US as in Europe, but US is an important part nonetheless! It was really cool to come in to the office here and see the Lantmännen logo which I have mostly associated with Sweden and Europe. We are very international!


Eventhough I have been quite jet lagged so far, it have been great first few days at the US office. Everyone are very friendly and welcoming! During my time here in the US, I will be reporting to Scott, the Marketing Director. We will be looking into the marketing activities of certain growth initiatives for 2017. Will be exciting!


Also, had to share this picture of a focused trainee team playing curling at the evening during last week’s trainee recharge in Stockholm 🙂 Was really nice to spend some time as a group.

Moreover, I can tell you that Chicago is cold!! This weekend there is a snow storm coming and there will be temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius! (Ignoring Fahrenheit so far). So gotta start preparing and barricading doors !

All the best!