Greetings from Hvidøvre

Hi everyone, although it has been two months since the programme began, this is my very first blog post. Therefore I wanted to start with a small introduction of myself, before sharing my experiences from current assignment.

My name is Anna Kapchinskaya and I am originally from Krasnogorsk – a town 20 km away from Moscow. Before joining Lantmännen as a Graduate Trainee I lived in Helsinki, where I studied Hospitality Management and worked in restaurant industry for a few years. In search of new challenges I came to Sweden in 2014 and two years after I graduated from Jönköping International Business School with a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Since most of my previous work experience had to do with food, I was super excited to start my first assignment at Lantmännen Schulstad in Hvidøvre (Denmark). Schulstad was founded 130 years ago and is the leading baked goods producer in Denmark. In my current role I work on product portfolio optimization, which means that I have to dig into the sales and profitability figures to identify products that are not performing that well and later on complement my findings with operational and marketing insides.

Since this is my first project in Lantmännen and I have not really done anything similar before, it definitely feels challenging, but let’s just say the learning curve is very steep and me and MS Excel have decided to take our relationships to a whole new level:)


Avedøre facility and some of the  Schulstad products


Having a plant  right next to the office is a great advantage to see all stages of the production process with your own eyes.


As you might have realized by now, moving around has been an integral part of my life for quite some time. Therefore as soon as I got to know that for the next 3 months I will be based in Denmark, the only thing I had to do was to check where Hvidøvre was on the map. Although I was ready for whatever comes along, I was actually relieved to discover that my office is in the capital region just 6km outside Copenhagen. At the time of this post, it has been almost 2 months since I am living here and the tourist euphoria is still not gone:)


Having a feeling of learning something new every day at work and living in the capital of “world´s happiest country” feels pretty awesome:)