Fuel and Beer

Outside of Gothenburg in a small village called Lerum, lays the lake Aspen. It was here Lantmännen Aspen had its first office, founded 08-08-1988 by Roland Elmäng. He had a vision of a fuel that does not destroy our forestry workers health. Today both production and office can be found a few kilometers away from Lerum in a small village called Hindås, and our brand, Aspen, can be found all over Europe and North America. Our fuel, especially designed for small engines, are kinder to man, machine and environment and today used within forestry, garden, marine, construction and motor sport.

After Stockholm and Copenhagen I (Pontus) am now getting to know Gothenburg and Aspen. I have my 4th assignment here, with the aim to get our fuel into a new market. It is a fun and challenging task that I enjoy very much.

After two periods in Stockholm before the summer vacation I (Aron) am once again back in the southern parts of Sweden, at the Agriculture division in Malmö to be exact. The agriculture business is much more international than I first knew. During the first introduction week I attended a meeting with the management from our newly acquired Finnish company Lantmännen Agro Oy (previously K-Maatalous) where plans for the future and synergies were among some of the things discussed. I have also had the chance to attend a board meeting with our daughter company on Fyn in Denmark. Apparently the harvest of barley has been really good on Fyn and there are huge volumes going to big beer brewing companies in Denmark. Below is a picture of some of that harvest from the storage facility:


This Wednesday I (Aron) also visited another Danish company within agriculture, this time on Jylland, to learn and share knowledge relating to my current project that is secret for now. Hopefully, I can share more about it here on the blog before it ends!

Take care!

Pontus & Aron