From Student to Employee

hanna2.jpgBack on well-known ground in a new role

I must say, it felt somewhat strange for me to enter School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg yesterday. Only a year ago I was a student there and I sat in the library with my books and my coffee, studying for the next exam or writing my master thesis. What I didn’t know then was that I would come back and visit the career fair, GADDEN, as a company representative for Lantmännen this year.

As a student I first started to hear about Lantmännen during my last years. I remember feeling a bit surprised about the size of the company and its many different sectors. Last year during GADDEN I talked to the company representatives from Lantmännen who told me about the trainee program and this year I was the one telling students about Lantmännen and in particular the trainee program.

The most common questions I got yesterday from the students were regarding the recruitment process, which I totally understand since the recruitment processes of various trainee programs have a tendency to be quite extensive. Further I got questions about what different educational backgrounds Lantmännen is looking for when recruiting to the trainee program. Just by looking at our trainee group it’s easy to see that there is a wide spread from machine engineers, bio technology engineers, marketers and more business oriented backgrounds. I think this reach among us is a great strength and we can learn a lot from each other. Regarding the recruitment process I must say that it is an extensive process due to the great number of applicants, however I always felt very comfortable and relaxed when meeting Lantmännen during the recruitment process.

It’s now time for us trainees to change position within the program. My next stop is with Aspen Petroleum. They are producing and selling akylate petrol and  to be honest, my knowledge about this product is very limited today but that is also the point with the trainee program – to learn and get experiences from different sectors and about different products.

I have been given a market analysis assignment within Aspen for which I’m very excited since the outcome will have a great strategic impact on future directions. How to take on the assignment is, for me, yet unknown but I promise to keep you updated here on the blog.

Best regards

Hanna Malmqvist