From one capital to another

The end of my Stockholm adventure is near and the past seven months have been amazing. Now we are recharging our batteries before the next adventure begins in Copenhagen!

It is with mixed emotions that I leave Stockholm and head back south. The experience has truly exceeded my expectations and I have really enjoyed working with the machinery sector and the communication and branding department. However spring in Copenhagen doesn’t sound too bad either.

The last few weeks have been pretty intense and I think the whole group agrees that it was 2 well-needed days at Åkehovs slott where we had our recharge for this placement.

Åkehovs slott in Stockholm

At the recharge, as always we talked about our experiences and what we have achieved during this period. Personally I find these days to be some the most rewarding throughout whole program, I mean how many times do you actually take time to reflect about your decisions and lessons learned?

Apart from this we also got to meet two former trainees who talked about the upcoming recruiting process for when the program comes to an end. Krister Zackari the managing director for Cerealia also paid us a visit and talked about his exciting career and shared some of his good advices.

Most importantly we had a bowling tournament which quickly became very intense. However, one of the group members had to step out victorious and that person slept very well that night. Guess who?


My next placement will be at the International production department within Unibake, working with a governance structure for energy saving. I am really excited about this project and also to experience Copenhagen. I will tell you all about it in my next entry. Until then…