From Malmö to Oslo

For many people coming back from vacation means finding your way to the office one early Monday morning. This was not the case for me, as I started my trainee assignment in Kastrup airport on my way to Oslo. The next three months my focus will be on Norway, as I will dive into the specifics of its agricultural system and see how Lantmännen can improve its existing operations in the country of fjords.

Currently Lantmännen is present in four locations in Norway. We have a mill and office in Oslo, where we produce a popular flour brand “Regal”. Bakery in Langhus, where burger buns and bake-off products are made. We have a LM Cerealia production facility in Moss, which is where some of AXA breakfast products are born. Finally, we have a sales office in beautiful Bergen.

During my trip to Norway, I visited our mill in Oslo, which is located in a beautiful and historical location. The mill was established in 1884 and you can feel the industrial flair with red brick buildings surrounding the inner yard. Inside it is a modern and efficient facility where the milling process is managed from a control room. Apart from having a lot of responsibility over process management and energy efficiency control, colleagues at the control office have a bonus: there is an amazing view over the rapids of river Akerselva located right next to the plant!

Commen Show respect to your milling equipment Call it a princess name!

Apart from meeting our colleagues in Oslo, I got an opportunity to visit some of the plant breeding facilities, where we had a tour in the fields looking at different sorts of oats, wheat, rye and feed grass. It’s amazing how much time and resources lays behind modern seed development: all targeted at enhancing plant qualities, which are optimal for the feed and milling industries.


Now back in Malmö, summarizing thoughts and learnings from the trip. Norway, see you again soon. Blog readers, stay tuned!