From Illinois to Florida

Alright, time to blog from the US again! Since my last post, I have started to get a good grip of the work we do in the US and what the market looks like. I have kept working with the growth initiatives for 2017 but I have also done some work preparing for upcoming projects with regards to improving the tools for the sales force. For instance, at the moment we are setting up a customer survey to gain knowledge for new product launches.

This week we spent down in Florida visiting our bakery, office and had a sales meeting for the US sales force. Due to the sales force being scattered all over the US, the sales team and the Executive team only get together every 6 months, which was one of these occasions. The beginning of the week started off with sales training for the sales force which meant that me and Scott Rosenberg, Director of Marketing, had time to do a photoshoot for our new brochures as well as having a little tour around our bakery in St Pete, Tampa. And yes, we also got some sunlight : )



In the later part of the week, we had some presentations by Scott Kolinski, President of Unibake US, and Filip Van Laere, Global Category Manager, who came here from Lantmännen Unibake International in Europe to present the launch of some new croissants. All in all it was a great week and both the sales force and the executives were very pleased!


Lastly, before heading to Florida this week I was back in my usual position at the Chicago office and came across reflecting upon all the Danish posters hanging on the office walls. Literally everywhere there are paintings or photos of Denmark… and we are a Swedish owned company! Accordingly, since I’m the only Swede around, I felt I had to straighten things out here and make it more Swedish!


Unfortunately no one here in the US knew who Zlatan is… but anyway it made me feel better now 😉

Untill next time!