From flying excavators to ppt-presentations

During the past two months I’ve spent 16 days in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, getting to know my colleagues, our customers, and some Swedish related organizations across the Baltic sea. The purpose of my trainee assignment is create an overview of the construction equipment market and provide the board with a business case with a strategic direction for the future. When writing this blogpost, I’m currently in Riga for two days to present my findings and suggestions.

IMG_20170309_091329~01The advisory board arriving in style to the new facility in Riga

On this journey I’m accompanied by the management board of Swecon Baltics and the Swecon Group’s advisory board. Some of the representatives in the advisory board has retired since a few years, but obtain a lot of valuable experience in the CE-field and many interesting stories from their many previous jobs.

20170309_152300In Haapsalu I got to observe how to move a damaged  21 tonnes exacavator over a fence – quite creative don’t you think?

This will probably be my last trip to the Baltics for this particular assignment, nonetheless, not my last trip to these countries as a tourist. Well worth a visit if you haven’t been yet!

Take care,