From feeds to Operakälleren

After working with logistics and transportation at the agricultural division in Malmö I have now started my second position at Gooh in Stockholm. Instead of feeds I am now working with a product developed by one of Sweden’s best chefs. A tremendous difference you might think, but read on and you might realize that even these two businesses share some similarities!

Just before Christmas I started my second trainee period in the program at Gooh in Stockholm. As a loyal blog reader it might sound familiar. This is because my fellow trainee colleague Pauline did her last period at Gooh. In short Gooh is a delicious dinner and lunch alternative for consumers who value good taste, but might not have the time to cook homemade meals. More specifically my project is about sustainable development and how we can communicate the work we are currently doing within the field towards consumers.

In the beginning of the trainee period I got a chance to visit the kitchen in Järna to see how the meals are cooked. You might think –as I naively thought – that it would be as any other food production facility, but this was nothing like I had ever seen. Real chefs were cooking the sauce and every part of the dish was carefully placed in the tray before being prepared in the largest microwave I have ever seen.


So far I have worked on including carbon emission data in the recipe database. In this way it will be easy to calculate the carbon footprint for each dish at an early stage in the development of new products. Right now I am interviewing consumers, stakeholders and different parts of Lantmännen in order to determine current trends in sustainable development.

This also brings me to the similarities to my first assignment in the agricultural division in Malmö. In the beginning of the period I visited the feed division to see I how they worked with sustainable development. As one of the few in the business they already had a system to determine the carbon footprint of their products. This was a great help in designing a similar system for Gooh. Despite very different consumers and two very different parts of Lantmännen it is inspiring to see how it is possible to take knowledge from one part of company and apply to another. That is really cooperation from field to fork!

/ Kasper