From Falafel to Burger buns!

Hi Blog,

After a period at Swecon, I got a placement in Malmö at our Agriculture Division’s head office. Agriculture is truly our core business and the division has close relation with our farmers. Since I’m from Skåne it’s a pleasure to be back after six years “abroad”. Suddenly everyone finally understood everything I said and I could order a cheap falafel for lunch without having the feeling of a robbery.


Malmö have really treated me well, the colleagues here are very openhearted, respectful and athletic! Regarding Athletic, I was pretty impressed when I discovered that there is gymnastic activities every single day in our gym, eight floor down from my seat. Yoga, Lantmännen Korpen soccer team, tabata, circle gymnastic, core classes etc.(see gym colleagues below). When I mentioned this to my trainee colleagues they were asking me why I still have some “extra lovekilos”. Well, another great perk in Malmö except cheap falafel, is the best breakfast-fika within the Lantmännen group! It’s something special when you have a passion for food!


My assignment has been to investigate how we can expand our business with our resellers. It have been a blast and as a result of one of my recommendations, a new feed product have been launched to the Swedish market last week. There is a potential for growth within this channel and today Lantmännen just bought a 300 million euro business in Finland, which is based on only resellers. I really appreciate the fact that the management team get inspired by our trainee projects 😉


Next placement will be the burger-nation, USA. Going from falafel to burgers might not seem so good for some, but since Lantmännen Unibake produce more than 1 billion burger buns every year it’s spot on! Until next time when I’m in Florida, enjoy the spring!