Flaxseed from field to fork – Agriculture division

Hello everyone! My name is Robert, and since this is my first time writing, I thought I’d introduce myself briefly. As summarized in an earlier blog post, I recently finished my Master in Gothenburg at the School of Business, Economics and Law. I was born outside of Varberg which means I have spent most of my days on the Swedish west coast, apart from some time in Australia and Switzerland.

Now however, I have started as a Graduate Trainee at Lantmännen and it has been really exciting so far! Currently, I am placed at the Agriculture division in Malmö where I am doing a project about flaxseed, meaning I will look into the value chain and how flaxseed is handled within the different divisions. Hence, it is a really interesting project as it involves the Agriculture division as well as the Food division, Cerealia and Unibake, which means I get to see a large part of Lantmännen!

So far it has been a lot of impressions to handle as we are new, not only to our projects, but to Lantmännen in general. Luckily, I feel that I increase my understanding every day. This has definitely been improved by the visits to different locations I have done during my first weeks at Lantmännen. For instance, as of now I am sitting on the train back from Linköping where I have visited different facilities handling flaxseed. Moreover, me and Axel, who is also placed at the Agriculture division, has visited the silo facilities in Helsingborg. The view from the top of the buildings was quite astonishing!


However, the coolest visit so far was definitely the Baltic Grain Exchange in Copenhagen! It is basically a fair where people involved in the grain trading get together and meet up in Copenhagen discussing business with their suppliers, customers and competitors. I went there with Axel and some other representatives from the grain unit at Lantmännens Agriculture division, but there were also representatives from, for instance, Lantmännens Energy division. As you can see on the picture below it was one of the hottest days this year so a lot of the mingling was done outside!


During the evening dinner was served and I ended up at a table with different company representatives from Finland, Denmark, France, Germany and Lithuania. Truly an amazing experience to get the chance to take part in such an international workplace!


All the best!