Finn Crisp & ICA


A lot has happened since last time, for example I’ve personally been travelling around the country to help with the rebuilding of department stores for our new Finn Crisp hard bread selection (you can see a picture of it below) and right now I’m working on putting together marketinfo for our news 2017 within the category for pasta and dairy (vegetable drinks).



Overall at the KAM-department (where I’m stationed) we’re working really hard with our news for 2017. For example, this week we have had ICA on a visit to present how we want to advance within the category for pasta and vegetable drinks. Unfortunately, what the news are going to be is a secret for now!


Furthermore, I’ve also been out and had a campaign meeting with ICA Nära and participated in negotiations on how to arrange our promotions in 2017. This has been particularly interesting as ICA nära is an important store with a wide range all over the country. Luckily the meeting went really well and with that said I want to wish you all a pleasant weekend!