Fika in Chicago

The first time I heard about Lantmännen’s office in Chicago I was amazed. Is Lantmännen really that big? As I learned more about the successful business in the States, my curiosity chicagogrew. Wow, imagine what it would be like to work there! This was in the spring of 2011, during the application process for the trainee program. A little more than a year has gone by and now I am actually here, positioned at the Chicago office.

The loyal blog reader (of course you are!) will already know about the USA business through Andrea’s blog posts, but I will give you a quick recap. Lantmännen Unibake has a bakery in Florida that produces bread, an office outside of Chicago and a number of salespeople spread out across the country.

When I first arrived in the beginning of August I attended the national sales meeting in Florida, where I listened to presentations of the business and the latest sales numbers as well as get to know the people working here. The week ended with a dinner together and a helicopter ride over the beaches of Florida. What a great start to my last period of practice!
I should maybe tell you what I am doing here, except from enjoying myself with helicopter rides? My position is in Marketing and I work closely with the Marketing “Guru” (Director) Scott Rosenberg. He is a great supervisor and a good friend. Scott lets me take part in the day-to-day business, working with direct mail campaigns, broker manuals, position statements, and a lot more. I am also involved in the strategic work on the future and growth of the USA business as well as building a case on how we should continue our expansion into the Canadian market.

I really enjoy being here and getting a feel for the American culture. Nevertheless, as the site is a part of our Swedish Group I wanted to introduce some Swedish traditions in the office. Therefore, I have practiced my baking skills and initiated the Swedish tradition I am most proud of: the “Friday Fika”.