Farming in Rosengård?

What has Lantmännen and Zlatan’s hometown in common? Not a whole lot you might think, but think twice! Not only has the notorious town fostered one of the best footballers in the world, but is also almost as noteworthy home of Lantmännen Lantbruk.

Lantmännens head office for the agricultural division is quite surprisingly located in Rosengård in Malmö. Everyday Lantmännen Lantbruk employees commute to a part of town most known for its high density of falafel stands and colorful bazars. The office is a 9 story building overlooking the town and as a Dane it feels comfortable to almost see my motherland in the horizon.

In line with Swedish tradition the office offers morning fika every day. Despite not being a native I have wholeheartedly adopted the fika tradition and would have a hard time coming through the day without my morning coffee and frulla (Swedish bun). And if the fika should get out of hand we had a nutritional expert the other day at the office lecturing about healthy eating habits and exercise. Who knows it just might come in handy!

Lantmännens logo (Grodden) leads the way!

Lantmännen Lantbruk i Malmö

I have now been working on my project in Malmö for two months and slowly getting my head around Lantmännen’s logistical setup. Lantmännen delivers many products directly to the customers. The customers who in most cases are the farmers who own Lantmännen live on the country side and sometimes in very remote parts of Sweden. This results in commodity flows stretching from Norrland in the north and Skåne in the south. Knowing this it is clear to see just how important it is to have a well-structured logistically setup. Even small changes in supply structure or prices can have a large impact on profits and results. Working on my project I have had a chance to dive down in this issue and who knows I might be able contribute with such a small change!