Explore, and you will discover!

Being back in Stockholm gives me the possibility to reflect and see what I have learnt by being away from it…

It moving towards fall again and that means back to work. But as a trainee it is exciting, as it is not just back to the same old tasks since we have got new placements! I am now in Stockholm at Lantmännen Cerealia, in the Supply Chain department. Most of you probably recognize our brands such as Axa, Kungsörnen and a lot of others.

For almost 12 months I have been moving around (Malmö, Vårgårda and Milton Keynes) and now I am back in my own apartment, which feels great. Having my own stuff, sleeping in my own bed, and getting the possibility to meet up with a lot of my friends are all things that have been missed. But, if you are thinking of applying to the trainee programme, I really recommend you trying to see, and live away from home as much as possible.

Why is that, then? Quite simple, when you live away from home you really get the possibility to explore your social and professional skills. Being new to an organisation and town, means that you have to be outgoing and social to make your way forward. It also means that you have no “track record” to refer to; you always have to start from scratch building your trustworthiness. I have found this as an interesting challenge and can feel my personal development!

So, explore whilst you can, our trainee programme gives you the opportunities!

Take care,