Exciting new challanges

So here I am, back in Unibake UK, after completing my project within the IS/IT department at the Stockholm HQ, creating a new web based training for the project tool of Lantmannen (Coreflow)! And I must say, looking back now, I really had a wonderful time kakaat the head office and especially enjoyed learning about the different sectors within Lantmannen. Being at the head office has definitely made me view the company through the Swedish perspective and helped me to understand the bigger picture. This has been a period of meeting lots of key people within the business and really understanding the roots of our company. It was very touching to see that Lantmannen has a very special place in the hearts of ordinary Swedish people!

Time flies and as you have read from the other blogs, we have had a very interesting recharge period at the end of last assignment and this time we were at Bromma in a very special castle (which made the experience even more unique)! We got to hear a lot of insightful information and advice from two very special people within Lantmannen, Carl von Schantz (Head of the Energy sector) and Peter Bengtsson (Head of Corporate Purchasing). It was very inspirational to hear about their career history and to listen to the useful tips that they shared with us.

Coming back to UK, I was greeted by a very warm and sunny London when I made my way back towards Milton Keynes for my third placement. This time, I am to be working within the HR department of Lantmannen Unibake UK on some process and activity mapping task! I will be working closely with the finance department, having the aim of coming up with recommendations to make it a more efficient and effective sector of the business. It was very interesting to see all my old colleagues and to come back to familiar environment! Made me realise that I had actually been missing this place! And what’s more is that this time I have two other trainees with me in UK, Ola and Gustaf (each having our own projects), which is making our days even more exciting!

In the first week, we were given a tour of the factories in Milton Keynes and the newly opened factory in Bedford. It was an educational experience and seeing the two factories first hand enabled me to compare the differences and the shortcomings in the two sites. It was also evident that LEAD will pay a big role in the Bedford factory in reducing costs when it becomes implemented here.

Enough said for now at least, I will keep you updated with the progress of my HR project and in the meantime all that is left to say is really…enjoy the sunshine and the smell of spring in the air. Happy Easter everyone!!