Entrepreneurs in Lantmännen

It’s time to summarize my first three weeks in Lantmännen. This first three months I’m stationed at the HQ in Stockholm working for one of Lantmännen’s fastest growing companies, called -Gooh.

For those of you who don’t know what Gooh is, it’s a ready to eat dish that is made from  fresh raw ingredients using new production technology and enables the consumer to enjoy all the original fresh taste and smell without adding preservatives. Genius! (Reed more at

Following the chain

I have worked my way through the whole chain of Gooh, from the preparation of the raw food in the kitchen in Järna to the selling of the finished product in Gooh’s flagship store at Central station. Between those two ends I’ve been introduced to various elementary functions such as logistics, production controlling, marketing, key account functions, economy as well as the executive officers visions and ideas for the company.

It now seems like I have seen the whole “from field to fork”-process. From the farmer that we met on the introduction week to the final consumer eating Meatballs with mashed potatoes at central station.

My project is to look at the profitability of the products and customers that Gooh has. A great project to start with since I get a overall  picture of the economic performance  of all parts of Gooh.

Visiting TEAM career fair at Linköping University

Apart from our daily work tasks and projects, we are also ambassadors for Lantmännen. Yesterday, I visited Linköping University’s career fair. It is exciting to meet so many students who are interested in Lantmännen. To many of the students, Lantmännen is strongly associated to food and agriculture. I met one student who said; “I’m into energy so Lantmännen does not have any jobs for me”, which of course is incorrect!

Careerfair in Linköping






Hope to be able to participate in more fairs to meet more of you students soon!

Andrea Kratz