Distortion and a huge freezer


It has been an exciting time since my last post and my project is really moving forward. Last week I presented my work for Unibake’s operations managers in Londerzeel, Belgium and during that visit I also got the chance to see our new fully automatic warehouse!

The new warehouse in Londerzeel is probably the largest freezer I will ever set my foot in. The cold store is 32m high, 7000 m² and can store more than 28’000 pallets. So it was really cool to see, especially since the temperature was around -20°C during the guided tour.

I tried to take a picture of it but no matter how far away from the building I went it would never fit, so instead I will post a picture from an earlier construction stage.


During these week we have also taken the first steps into implementing my project in Denmark and next week I will travel to Poland and perform a startup workshop for Poland and Hungary.

Last week the street festival Distortion took place in Copenhagen, actually it took place right outside our apartment. If there something the Danes know it’s how to throw a festival, just look at Roskilde. I don’t know the policy to write about these events so I will leave out any comments for now and just say, if you get the chance go there…


This rotation is almost over and now it’s time to find and choose a project for the next and last rotation. As always there are a lot of exiting projects and for the last one I have tried to figure out if there is anything that I have missed and want to experience before the program comes to an end. When I did this I started to think about the places and countries I have visited and worked with so far. It turned out to be a long list and from my part the trainee program has really been international!

Countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

This is my last post before the summer vacay. It feels quite sad that we will soon leave our mansion in Copenhagen, but hey I will probably be coming back any time soon.

My best to you all