Cultivating our skills…

Two weeks ago we all met in Malmö for some business training. This is where we get the possibility to exchange experiences, connect them with theory but also have a great lot of fun!

As we might have mentioned earlier, each period of practice contains a training block. Wetraktor are meeting somewhere, this time it was Malmö, having 3 intense but interesting days together. Some of the different areas we have covered earlier are: change management, team skills, working with culture. This time focus was on: sales, business development and branding.

This might sound as a lot of lecturing, as if we were back to school… …but actually it is totally different! Key personnel from the Lantmännen Group are joining to share their experiences on how they work in their areas, what problems they encounter and we have a lot of discussions and workshops. This gives us an insight from “reality” which we can connect with the theory we all have been hammered with during our studies. It really makes sense and hopefully we can give our guests new points of view as well. The training is managed by an external business consultant.

The training programme Lantmännen has chosen for us, gives us a broad business base where key areas are handled. It also lets us, with our different backgrounds, being part and in a sense help training each other. A part from being training sessions, it is also a great opportunity for us to meet and have some fun together. Especially as we are now quickly moving towards the end of the programme, and the search for a permanent position is on…

Take care,