CSR, Armada and pet food nutrition facts

Three months have passed and I’m summarizing my conclusions here in Vårgårda. It has been a truly inspiring period with tons of new impressions and I certainly know more about cats and dogs than I did three months ago. One source of knowledge was a presentation I attended at our marketing agency’s office regarding cats’ and dogs’ eating behaviors. Did you know that cats and dogs risk getting kidney damage from eating grapes? – I do;)


In addition to interesting presentations at the agency, I last week did visit the career fair Armada at KTH! It was really nice to be back in my old hoods and to see the students interest in Lantmännen and that they were eager to find out about what we offer in terms of internships, theses or other opportunities. Below is a picture of Daniel Aglöv, Eleonora Mair, me and our host Rebecca Granström who did a great job informing us and providing world class service! Don’t know why I put on that smirk face whilst the others were absolutely photogenic…


One thing I will bring from this period here at Lantmännen Doggy is all good CSR work
done by the different brands (Doggy, Mjau and Bozita).One recent example was the initiative “katt hjälper katt” which was a joint project with WWF and Tetra Pak. tiger.jpg
The result of this project was 3293 registered tiger sponsors, which equals at least one sponsor to every wild tiger alive in the world! In addition 194 834 SEK was collected to WWF’s work to protects the few tigers left in Asia.


Just recently, Mjau launched their new CSR project #förvarendakatt, which is a truly admirable initiative with the aim to increase the cat’s value. Take a look at this brand new heart-breaking video.

Currently it exist 100000 homeless cats in Sweden, that is far too many and I don’t believe people are aware of this problem. Keep an eye out for information published on Mjau’s Facebook page and let’s fight #förvarendakatt !

In less than one week I will take my “pick and pack” and move back to Stockholm. I will certainly miss this place, but I’m looking forward to new adventures within Lantmännen R&D!

All the best!