Country life

Actually it wasn’t really a question for me where to go for my last period of practice. I wanted to 1. work closer to the core business 2. be more hands on within my projects 3. tieskylt.jpg the three earlier projects together in a good way. There was only one place to go to that would meet all these demands: the Market Department within the Agriculture Sector! Duh…

So after my first paid (!) summer vacation I packed my bags, said goodbye to Stockholm and got on the train to the south of Sweden. Lantmännen Agricultures headquarters is located in Malmo which is very logical since the largest percentage of arable land can be found here. Also, the agriculture traditions are strong in Scania, something you feel at the office since many of the employees have a connection to farming. They either live on one, grew up on one or have friends who are farmers.

But, as I have said before, farming is not my strongest side. Coming from Stockholm with a degree in business management, you don’t have too much experience of agricultural life. Therefore I promised myself something during the first week here; I will learn as much as åker.jpgI can of the agricultural side of our business while being in Malmo! Said and done, I started to book trips to different Lantmännen sites between my regular meetings at the office. And when my colleagues heard about this they decided they didn’t want to be outdone by a trainee so they simply came with me! Therefore I have during the last weeks seen Malmo’s grain silo, visited one of our research farms for crops and met all of our feed salesmen during a big sales meeting. Incredibly interesting, new and rewarding!

Besides visiting different grain silos I will be working with several projects here at Lantmännen Agriculture, but my main focus is to help with the implementation of a new hej.jpgbrand platform throughout the sector. Very exiting work since we have to educate all our employees, from our salesmen out on the fields to the blue collar workers in the feed factories. A part from this I will also be working with our commercial signs on our fields, as well as being responsible for the next farm magazine, a monthly magazine reaching over 25 000 of our farmers! Not bad, right?

So, to summarize it all, I’m living the dream here in Malmö. Give me a call if you’re in the neighborhood and I’ll give you a tour to one of our grain silos, or maybe our research fields? Because now you know I can!