Copenhagen calling – and London, and Brussels, and…

And so it starts over again – new project, new people and another office in another country. Together with three other trainees I have moved to Copenhagen to join the Unibake International headquarter. My new area is in commercial excellence – but I sneak a peek at marketing too.

The Sluseholmen office is beautifully located overlooking the water and the lock (Slus in Danish)

The office is much smaller than the Stockholm one, so it is easier to get to know people. The daily, 12 o’clock sharp, lunch cafeteria also helps – perfect for a little chitchat. However, all of us struggle to keep up with the Danish speed of eating! 15 minutes and they are done. It is a challenge every day.

Another major difference is that it is a very international office. Both in terms of nationalities – English being the corporate language – and in terms of highly frequent travel. The office is more of a base than a permanent location and its population fluctuates from almost non-existing to flooding every seat.

Flooding the seats could be interpreted in another way, too. Every day there is plenty of freshly baked Danish pastry in the office, and although we bike to and from work every day I am a little worried about the ratio exercise/pastry… luckily we live right by a line of six dams that are perfect to take run around in the evening.

On a private note, of course it is huge fun to explore a new city and a new culture! The four of us share a beautiful flat right in the hip district of Nørrebro and live like a little family – the luxury of having colleagues that are also truly great friends. Being far from loved ones is not always easy, and many students ask us how we feel about this. Fredrik and his fiancee Ida were interviewed by Swedish newspaper DN about having a long distance relationship and you can find the article here: DN – Konstigt om det inte gjorde ont

My project is regarding commercial excellence and takes me to Sweden, Belgium and the UK. It is great fun to work in a team again! Commercial excellence is about how the sales organization works, so basically the analytic and strategic parts of it. Who are our most important customers and does our sales organization visit them? Do we focus on the right customers?

Happy weekend!

Over and out,


(guest-starring the Stockholm office for the day J)