Closing time

It is a well-known cliché, but time is really flying when you are having fun. My first project as a graduate trainee in Lantmännen is fast approaching its end. But looking back how was it to start your career at one of the largest Nordic agriculture and food companies as a graduate trainee?

The last two and a half months I have been working on a project on logistics and pricing at Lantmännen’s head office for the agricultural division in Malmö. Tomorrow I have my very last day at the office and currently I am wrapping up my project. Last week I presented my findings and results for senior management and had a seminar on methodology and results with the group of business controllers in Malmö. My project has been great way of learning the agricultural division of Lantmännen. Despite the project was very focused on a specific problem I had to work with coworkers from many different parts of the division. The work has also been relevant for many departments so there have been a widespread interest and demand for my findings. This has been highly motivating and gave me sense of contributing at an early stage.

But looking back how was the first period as a graduate trainee in Lantmännen really?

One of the many great aspects about being a trainee is the chance to see many parts of the company. Since a part of the job as a trainee is to get a broad picture of the company you are encourage to go on field visits. Just in my time in Malmö I have had the chance to follow two of Lantmännen Lantbruks best salespersons on a day on the job, visiting SW Seeds who develop new grain types and a visit at Åhus Feed Factory.

A bulk truck is filled with feed


Another upside is the way you work as a trainee. It is somehow like being an internal consultant working on strategic assignments for the company. This gives you a unique exposure to various part of the company. As a trainee at Lantmännen you get to work with real issues important for the company. Despite only working 3 months on each project you are taken serious and expected to deliver results.

Lastly, but not least one of the big advantage of the trainee program is the fact that you have other trainee colleagues in the same boat as you. Whenever you have a problem, want input on your project or simply need an after work there is always someone to turn to.

My next project is at Gooh where I will work on a project on sustainability and how it can be used to accelerate growth. Stockholm here I come!