Christmas time in Stockholm

I’ve now settled at the HQ in Stockholm after my three month adventure at Doggy. Even though it is great to meet all the fellow trainees’ and other colleagues in Stockholm I’m feeling a bit ambiguous since Doggy was a great experience and the people I met there was super nice to me! As Daniel wrote in the previous post, we’ve just begun our second period of the trainee program, for me this means A LOT of new things to learn at my new placement at Lantmännen R&D.

At R&D I will be involved with business development of two different innovative projects. It has been two hectic weeks since my first day here. During these weeks, I’ve been introduced to many of the vast numbers of projects within R&D and I’ve been trying to get the most out of both my new projects and the new environment at the HQ.


Apart from my daily work with my projects, some of the things I’ve got to do as a newly hqarrived trainee at the HQ is to:


  • Take part in an evaluation of a new tasty grain concept arranged by Lovisa at R&D



  • Try out Trainee-Markus home brewed glögg and home baked lussekatter



  • Enjoy the wonderful pancake lunch at Fazer’s restaurant



Another HUGE thing that happened this week was that we crowned the winner of the first round of the trainee weekly quiz, EBBA! Look at this happy champion and read more about it at Lantmännen Career’s Facebook page.


Ok, maybe you think, “don’t the trainees do anything other than enjoying?”, and yes, we do other things than eating and having cozy get-togethers, but after working for Lantmännen for four months, I can tell you, working at Lantmännen is nothing but joy!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

/The Santa-squad a.k.a. the trainees