Changing trainee assignment from field to fork

It’s time for new challenges in another part of Lantmännen. My new placement is with Gooh in Stockholm at HQ where I have an assignment within marketing. With my previous trainee assignment in the agriculture division I’ve literally moved from working with the start of the chain we all know as “from field to fork” to the very end.

Gooh is the small but fast growing company within the large corporation (see also Andrea’s blog post). My key undertaking at Gooh is to look at how to measure the effect of different market activities, which I’ve been working on for little more than a month now. With a background in engineering this is the very first time I’m involved with marketing. It’s of course challenging but at the same time very exciting to get an insight in this fast growing segment of ready-to-eat food as well as the area of marketing. This is one of many possibilities you are presented with when being a part of the Lantmännen graduate programme. You really get the opportunity to work with a range of areas you probably wouldn’t be facing otherwise. One day you are working with logistics in the agriculture sector and the next with marketing in the ready-to-eat food sector.

The second training module
Almost half way through the second period of practice, it was now time for the second training module in the graduate programme. Last week we had three days of training with change management and teambuilding on the agenda. We were learning about different change approaches and were using cases from our current trainee placements together with a change simulation. In the teambuilding part we were focusing on both the individual and the groups team skills. It was three very instructive yet intensive days.


All the trainees were gathered again and as always very inspiring listening to what everyone is doing at their different business units. So many possibilities!

Ola Bramstorp