What do you say it is called? Despite being the eight largest city in Poland and beautifully located at the shores of the river Brda it is unknown to most non-polish people. Welcome to Bydgoszcz home of one of Polands finest operas and of course Scandagra Polska!

Actually I have to admit I was a tiny bit in doubt whether I should really do my last and final project as a trainee in a city two hours south of Gdansk. But when do you get the chance to work in an emerging market for a company that expands its businesses at an accelerating speed? I just had to do it and so far I have not changed my mind a single second.

But before I start digging down in what I am doing at Scandagra Polska you are probably wondering what Lantmännen has to do with a company in Northern Poland? Scandagra Polska is together with Scandagra Baltikum part of the Scandagra Group. Both companies is owned jointly by Lantmännen and the Danish company DLG (Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab). Scandagra Polska resembles Lantmännen Agriculture in its business areas. The company trades grains, sells fertilizers and crop protection. Despite growing the polish agricultural market is also characterized by many players. It is tough competition and many companies are fighting about the same market shares. Scandagra Polska is in the process of optimizing processes and systems in order to be on top of the development.

Picture from my new favourite bar in Bydgoszcz!


My project is related to this and is about analyzing the needs for a new grain risk management system. As the business is expanding it becomes even more important to have a system that can cope with increasing quantities. The idea is to use the system Lantmännen have as an inspiration on how risk management could be done at Scandagra Polska. It is an exciting and very important task, but also complicated and involves understanding the processes and business area of Scandagra Polska in depth. I am still lacking the grand overview, but every day here I get a bit closer to understanding the exciting and challenging business. Next time I write I will tell you much more!

With a picture from the river Brda I wiss you all a great weekend!


All the best from Bydgoszcz