Business and Pleasure in Copenhagen

The fifth week of our third placement is coming to an end. This time, I and my fellow trainee colleagues Pauline, Markus and Ebba have moved to the hip area Nørrebro in Copenhagen to work for Unibake. I’ve been assigned to two projects, one within sustainability and one as a project manager for a big Unibake event that is to be held in June.

It is really nice to see the inside of Lantmännen’s biggest international player, Unibake, and how they here at UBI (Unibake’s headquarter) are coordinating all functions. Unibake is divided into two divisions; operations (production and supply chain) and commercial (marketing, sales and innovation). My current placement is within commercial.

My first project, the event that is to be held in June, is going to include both the commercial organization and the management organization and the aim is to create “something out of the ordinary”. This is really exciting since it’s my first time as a project manager and since this project group consists of really senior people.

My second project, the sustainability project was initiated by Unibake in order to enhance and set the future focus for Unibake’s sustainability agenda. Within this project my task will be to gather 20 case stories based on what sustainable projects previously have been done within Unibake’s local clusters.

Apart from working in Copenhagen, I and Markus spent last weekend as MAJOR tourists.


1st stop: Carlsberg Museum – enlightening tour of beer brewing history and horse petting

2nd stop: Christiansborg Castle – Went there, took the picture, considered going inside, left.

3rd stop: Smörrebröd at Nyhavn – Yummie

4th stop: Amalienborg: Queens residence. Met a tourist guide who figured that we went under the classification as tourists even though we live here more or less permanently. (Probably based on our previous activities.)

5th stop: Enjoying the sun at Kongens have

PS. Check in some of the great and tasty work they are doing at Unibake!

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Burger Battle
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Take care