Back in Stockholm at the HQ

Summer vacation just flew by and I’m already back at work, however not in Copenhagen anymore, this period I’m placed at the department for sustainable development in föredrag2.jpgStockholm.

It is my second placement in Stockholm, but my assignment this time differs a lot from my first. During this fall, one part of my assignment is that I’m going to look in to the audit process of  Lantmännen’s supplier code of conduct (SCoC). Since Lantmännen is such a big company with suppliers from most parts of the world it is off course of highest importance that our suppliers follow our SCoC.

In order to make sure that our suppliers are following the SCoC, audits are made each year. These audits are made in collaboration with an external partner together with the supplier and the purchaser. Sometimes these audit processes are quite complex. There is therefore a need to increase the knowledge about the audit process throughout the Lantmännen purchasing organization.

So, one part of my assignment this fall is to develop an education for the purchasers in order to increase their competence regarding the audit process. I’m going to try to find out which areas that are the hardest and where the sustainable development department can support and help the purchasers.

The second part of my assignment this fall is connected to how Lantmännen communicates its sustainability work. However I’m going to start with the SCoC and I will give you an update on my second part next time I’ll write.

Until then keep enjoying our last weeks of summer!

/ Hanna Malmqvist