Aspen – a ski destination or….?

I have to admit that when I first got my position at Aspen I didn’t know anything about theaspen.jpg company. For me Aspen has always been the famous ski resort in the US and I definitely didn’t connected it to alkylat petrol. Now I know better and from now on my first association when I hear Aspen will always be alkylat petrol and why it’s better for both people, environment and machines.

Ten weeks has now passed since I last wrote and I have during these weeks learned a lot about the Energy division in general and Aspen in particular. Within my assignment I have been focusing on the future and what different alternatives there are to petrol. The last years there has been a trend, where more battery driven garden machineries are being sold. It is very important for Aspen to closely follow this development in order to be well prepared to meet possible up-coming shifts in the market.

Before I could even start my market research I had to learn about the product itself. I spend one day in production, one day with the product managers, one day with the market and sales team and one day with the communication team. This gave me a good base so I could start my work the best way possible. However, since then I must admit I have learned more about batteries and hydrogen gas than I have about alkylat petrol, although I know enough to never again refuel my lawn mower with regular petrol!

It’s now time to summarize and present my findings to the management team here at Aspen and after that I’m meeting up with the trainee group for a recharge in Stockholm. I’m not sure exactly what we are doing this time but I know we’ll have a good and interesting time together before we head out to our third period.

Until you hear from me again I wish you a nice spring (that’s coming soon I hope)

/ Hanna Malmqvist