And we’re off!

14192801_10153903236356238_4153088935047100828_n.jpgAfter a long but very well organized recruitment process, three months summer holiday (at least for some of us) and three days together at a conference venue the nine new Lantmännen trainees has now started on their different placements. Even though it’s sort of hard to comprehend that were finally standing at the starting line almost six months after we submitted our application, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we couldn’t be more excited!


As time goes by you will of course learn more about us but I figured that I’ll at least let you know our names and where we’ve studied. To begin with we have three people who have studied in the wonderful city of Lund. These include myself, Axel Walin, who earned a masters in economics; Helena Storsten, who did a masters in International marketing and brand management and Aron Johansson who have a double bachelor in both Business Administration and Chinese language and literature.


If we look up north we find three people who studied in or close to Stockholm. We have Linnea Heiskala who have a masters in environmental engineering and sustainable infrastructure, and Joel Brodde who has a masters in entrepreneurship and innovation from KTH. In close proximity to Stockholm we also have Peter C Olsson who has a masters in business administration from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


Other than that we also have three people which represent three different places in both Sweden and the world. Robert Carlsson represents Gothenburg with his masters in innovation and industrial management from Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Pontus Christerson represents Linköping as he has a masters in Industrial engineering and management from Linköping University and Anna Kapchinskaya represents both Russia and Jönköping as she has done her masters in Logistics and supply chain management at Jönköping University but is originally from Russia.


As you can see we’re a pretty diverse group with different study directions at different places in Sweden. This diversity is one of the reasons as  to why we had such a wonderful time together during the three introduction days at a conference venue last week. At the conference venue we first and foremost got to know each other and Lantmännen but we also got to meet former trainees as well as Elisabeth Wallin Mononen, our HR-director, and Ulf Zenk, our CFO. They both provided us with several very interesting insights into how Lantmännen is organized and what the planes and strategies are for the future. Last but definitely not least we also got a visit from Anna Carlström who works at owner relations, and got to visit one of our owner’s farm in Upplands Väsby which was really interesting especially for someone like me who doesn’t have an agricultural background!


All in all we had three very intense but also extremely interesting days where we had a good combination of both getting to know each other and learning more about Lantmännen. This has really made us prepared for our different placements which you will probably hear more about in the upcoming blog posts!


If there’s anything you want us to write about or if you simply want to know more about Lantmännen don’t hesitate to contact us!


Until next time!