Almost back home

As many of the other trainees I have also moved to Copenhagen, group pressure… However while the others are leaving their homes I almost feel like I’m coming home. I can almost see my hometown across the water and finally people doesn’t point out my southern accent.

Funny thing is that the other trainees in Copenhagen haven’t mentioned anything about the language differences. Having Danish relatives has given me some advantage and many laughs. Just like any other typical Swedes my trainee colleagues’ nod and laugh when they feel it’s appropriate, while I at the same time can see in their eyes that they sometimes don’t understand a single word being said to them. However after only one month I think that they are doing great.

At Lantmännen Unibake my project is to develop a governance structure for energy management which will contribute to reducing the energy consumption at our bakeries. There is a lot of potential in the project and I learn a lot about our plants, LEAN manufacturing and continuous improvement. Most importantly I have learned how they make the holes in the hot dog buns; however that is a highly classified company secret.

I really enjoy my Copenhagen experience; we live in a great apartment in the middle of everything and spring is finally here. The other day I manage to take this cool picture with two rainbows from one of our windows, nice view isn’t it?


This week we all the trainees also gathered for the third training session. This time it took place in Copenhagen and addressed change strategies, LEAN and personal development. It was really interesting as always and to top it all we received a visit from Werner Devinck the CEO of Unibake. We also had a really inspiring seminar about the importance of communication with Jonas Arvidsson, CEO of Lantmännen Maskin, and Anita Asklund, Head of HR & Communication of the Machinery sector.

All the best!