Almost a month as Lantmännen employee

Soon we will finish our first month as Lantmännen employees. I think I speak for everyone when I say, it has been a very fun and interesting time. So many new impressions and so many new friends and co-workers.

Behind the keyboard this time is me, Pontus and during my first month at Lantmännen I’ve been placed at our office in Stockholm within group functions supply chain. Since it is my first time writing I would also like to introduce myself. I am born and raised outside Ystad, Skåne. Before starting at Lantmännen I studied Industrial engineering and management at Linköping University.

I have to say that I have been very well taken care of and welcomed into Lantmännen while taking my first shaky steps as an employee outside the safe walls of my University. I think all trainees have felt both excited and nervous these last weeks, at least I have. This job is our first on a long working carrier so I think it is only natural to be nervous and really wanting to perform excellent results straight away. With these feelings in mind I think my start at Lantmännen was perfect, everyone have been very helpful!


Except our work, we also have a lot of social activities going on at the office. For example my team have breakfast together every day. Some co-wokers do lunch yoga which I haven’t dared to try yet. A thing I’ve tried though, is running during my lunch break, which we do every Tuesday. Every other Tuesday the running workout changes in character or maybe it is just the character of the running employees that changes. One week the running workout is called “Run happy” and the smile of every participant during the intervals really can’t be described by any other word than happy. For the braver Lantmännen employees we have “Run tough” every other week. Either your “tough” or “happy” it’s a really good way to gain energy for the rest of the day and to get to know your co-workers fighting spirit.


As we are four trainees placed in Stockholm we also have the possibility to have breakfast, lunches or coffee breaks together. Sometimes we have visits of trainees from other placements and to the right you can see how happy Joel is to visit Stockholm and have coffee together with Helena.


Other than working with my project, running and having coffee breaks with the other trainees I also got the opportunity to help out with Lantmännen’s employer branding. So this week I visited a career fair at Linköping University, my old University, which was very fun and below you can see me and Ted, Strategic buyer at Lantmännen, talking to a very curios student.


With such a good first month I am looking forward to the challenges and experiences in the months to come.

Always run happy and take care!