After the Traineeprogram – Where did we all go?

Something ends and something new begins, it’s how life works. 15 months of challenges and adventures all around the Lantmännen world have come to an end, and now we all have steped into new challenges. During these 15 months we have, combined, visited 64 different Lantmännen sites and performed 36 projects within different divisions and functions. We have launched new products, taken current Lantmännen products into new markets, reduced production complexity, optimized logistics, laid out strategies for new businesses and several other projects. It is amazing how much you can do as young professionals when given the opportunity and trust.

Now we all have found our new place within the Lantmännen organisation and it ended up in 5 different countries and 3 different divisions on positions within Sales, Supply Chain, IT, Finance, Business Development.

Map final


Helena Storsten: Project Manager Sales, Swecon (Machinery), Germany


Helena packed her bags and moved to Dusseldorf to work with sales of construction machinery. She drives an improvement project using LEAN to improve processes within sales.

Linnea Heiskala: Supply Chain Analyst, Business development & support (Group functions), Sweden


Linnea moved into Supply Chain to work on several different projects supporting Supply Chain around the Lantmännen group. Starting of with focusing on sustainability within transportation for our businesses.

Anna Kapchinskaya: Master Planner, Unibake (Food), Sweden


Anna moved into a new apartment in Stockholm and took on the challange as Master Planner within Unibake Sweden. In this role, she is working with forecasting and the S&OP process to make sure that our Swedish bakeries run optimal towards what our customers wants.

Aron Johansson: Business Controller B2B & Foodservice, Cerealia (Food), Sweden.


Aron works in close cooperation with the sales organisation. With their input and the use of our BI-tools it his job to forecast, follow up, and analyze their results in order for them to make decisions that are more profitable.

Axel Walin: Junior Project Manager, Unibake International (Food), Denmark


Axel packed his bags, moved from one Nordic capital to the other and ended up in Copenhagen. He works on a huge Business process project implementing new IT-systems and processes across all Unibake countries.

Joel Brodde: Business Developer and Change Manager, Agro OY (Agriculture), Finland


Joel also changed one nordic capital from the other, but moved east, and ended up in Helsinki. He is part of the leadership team of the Agricultural division’s newly acquired finish business, working on the integration, strategy and trying to find business synergies between the new and old business.

Peter Olsson: Intercompany Export Manager, Unibake BENEFRITES (Food), Belgium


Peter now lives in a beer drinking and Moules frites eating Belgium working with the sales of bread and pastry within the BENEFRITES (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain) cluster of Unibake. He is responsible for intercompany sales and sales outside the BENEFRITES cluster, with current customers in Croatia, Maldives and Qatar.

Pontus Christerson: Logistics Project Manager, Unibake International (Food), Denmark


Pontus joined our neighbors in the west and now lives in Copenhagen working at Unibake International. He is a project manager within an international program called logistics excellence with the aim to share practices between countries, decrease costs and environmental impact of logistic operations in all Unibake countries.

Robert Carlsson: Project Manager Digitalisation, Swecon (Machinery), Sweden


Robert took on the task to make Swecon more digitalized and now works as the project manager of an IT project. The position is about running a team developing a digital solution that will be used by customers in Sweden, Germany and the Baltics. Hence it’s a cross-functional project that involves the organizations in all countries which means a lot of travelling!


One of the final things we did within the Traineeprogram was to pesent important take aways from our different experiences around Lantmännen for the group leadership team, with the focus on making Lantmännen even more competitive. Afterwards we all recieved diplomas from Per Olof Nyman, our group CEO and Elisabeth Wallin Mononen our group Head of HR.


Now we all look forward to our careers within Lantmännen and want to thank the group for beliving and investing in us. Take the opportunity to apply for the next programme, you will not regret it!