African opportunities, career fairs and fun in the north!

Everytime I blog, it feels right to start with “time flies” – but it is true! Since my last post, I moved from the packaging strategy project at Cerealia to group controlling and strategy. The project is about Africa and, considering I am really interested ever since I worked in Botswana for a little while, it doesn’t really feel like work to read report after report. That said, a few disagreements with Excel and screwed up data sheets have not been quite as pleasant.


(Well, my project is a desktop exercise, but here’s a little lion cub gnawing away at my fingers during the Botswana days. Everything looks better with a picture 🙂

Another thing that’s really cool is how incredibly open and welcoming people are in this organization! Over the past few weeks we have made several different visits, e.g. to Krafft horse feed, to the Malmö mill, to AS Faktor and to SWECON to try out excavators and wheel-loaders. It is such a privilege that specialists, CEOs, heads of export alike are so generous with their time and knowledge.

Also, there have been several career fairs and we have met so many great students. At Handelsdagarna Kajsa, Kasper and I even went to the banquette in the evening and it was really amazing, themed “a thousand and one nights”. So much work behind it – and then they get up and do it all over the following day. Truly impressive. We, on the other hand, went home like Cinderella at midnight, having to catch a 6 o’clock train in the morning.


(Got some seriously photogenic colleagues)

Another fun student event was a class visiting us from SLU, the Swedish university of agricultural sciences. They were in for an intense day on the topic of implications and opportunities of being a cooperative in the agribusiness. It was really fun to meet them and hear all of their questions and thoughts on the topic.

Finally, a former trainee jokingly had mentioned that the trainees traditionally arrange a ski trip together. Which, quite naturally, made us just go for it. Thus, happy bunch went for some great skiing/snowboarding, late-night conversations, board games (MIG take-aways: a polar bear can weigh more than a ton; Harry Martinson is the answer to all literature related questions and the Vatican to the rest), snow hut building, digging out a stuck ski bus, freeing a living mouse stuck in the bin etc. You know, all the usual stuff. (And a disclaimer: we went on this trip as friends and the company had nothing to do with it. Also no animals were harmed in the making of these memories.)


(Selfie on the slopes)