A Trainee’s revolutionary pricing strategy!

Hello my name is Joel, and it is a real pleasure that you wish to read this post. Let us celebrate this moment, you and I, Hurray! The weekly conversation here in Eskilstuna, where I am stationed at the moment, has been about changing the car tires to winter tires. Which, in a way, symbolizes this company’s passion for machines! I will come back to that, but first and foremost, where within the Lantmännen Group do I work? What project am I currently working on? Who is Joel? But perhaps most importantly, why is it so fantastic to work as a trainee at Lantmännen? For answers to all these questions please continue reading below:ny1

My first project is at Swecon in Eskilstuna, which is the dealer for Volvo Construction Equipment (ie. Excavators, Wheel loaders, etc.) in Sweden, Germany and the Baltic countries. At the moment, we are facing tough competition in the aftermarket, especially for spare parts. For this reason, I have been assigned to a project that will be the basis for our new spare part strategy, with focus on pricing. What does this mean in practice? Well, I have had the opportunity to travel around Sweden and visit twele of our facilities, analyze our spare parts offerings, participate in the national “Price Advisory Group”, visit the central warehouse in Düsseldorf and much, much more.


About me as a person, I am a positive guy who grew up on a crop farm outside Malmö. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance from Gothenburg Business School and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Besides work, I love all kinds of food, spend time with my family at the farm and travel as much as I can. My next trip will be to Tanzania, best so far is Brazil!

What really makes working at Lantmännen, and in this case Swecon, so much fun, are my colleague’s passion, not only for machineries, but for the daily work! From the parts sellers in Växjö who proudly explains how satisfied our customers are, to the meetings with my supervisor, who’s eyes glow with excitement when we discuss our analysis. Thank you all colleagues for the inspiration!

The topic of changing tires were not only a good lunch conversation, but needed as well as I can see snowfall outside my window when I am writing this. I hope that you who reads this, will have really lovely winter days ahead!

Hurray! / Joel