A first glance at our first positions

traineegruppFrom left: Aron, Pontus, Helena, Joel, Anna, Peter, Robert, Linnea and Axel

The weekend is approaching and we are about to finish our second week at Lantmännen. This week’s trainee-bloggers behind the keyboard, Peter Olsson and Helena Storsten, would like to share what we are up to at our first placements!

Peter has entered the KAM-team (Key Account Management) and he is currently in a project that involves sales data analysis, more precisely, analyzing the impacts of sales promotion. He will check how the promotions affect the sales volume and how the colonial products stands against its competitors.

Helena has joined the department of business controlling and strategy, where she is going to map out our main customers across the four business sectors; agriculture, machinery, energy, and food. Additionally, she tag along her two colleagues at the strategy department, Patrik Myrelid and Beatrice Ramnerö, to meetings and seminars about food, trends, and strategy.

We frequently run into Linnea Hieskala and Pontus Christerson since they also got placed at the head office in Stockholm. Linnea’s first placement is at Lantmännen’s Energy division which produces bioenergy products and consists of the three businesses Reppe, Agroetanol, and Aspen. Her assignment is focused on investigating consumer products and their market potential.

Pontus is to be found with the project management team within Supply chain at Group functions. He is working on a project on behalf of the agriculture division where he is overlooking the silo structure in Skåne in order to investigate where Lantmännen should have their future grain intakes and warehouses.

Our trainees in Copenhagen
Aron Johansson is currently placed at Unibake’s HQ in Copenhagen where he is working on a supplier management project. The project is cross-functional and covers both procurement, quality as well as IT. In order to gain a better, and more uniform, overview of our suppliers he is compiling, merging, and gathering data from Unibake’s different units.

Anna Kapchinskaya first assignment is based in Hvidovre, just outside central Copenhagen. For the next three months she will be working at Schulstad, which is a Danish bakery producer with 100 years history. Her role is within Strategy and Business Development department, where she will primarily focus on brand portfolio analysis. She will also look into the opportunities for SKU Complexity Reduction in line with current business strategy.

Our trainees in Malmö
We got Robert Carlsson and Axel Walin at one of the two offices in Malmö. Both of them are working within the agricultural division. “Global market analysis on ecological grain”, Axel is doing a project about the global market for ecological goods to see how Lantmännen can improve in that area. Robert’s project is called “Flaxseed from field to fork” and he will look into the value chain of Flaxseed and how it is handled within Lantmännen.

And Joel in Eskilstuna
Last, but not least, we have got Joel Brodde at Swecon’s head office in Eskilstuna. Joel is working on a project together with the purchasing manager for the Machinery Division. The project include an analysis of the pricing structure for competitive spare parts for the Swedish, German and Baltic markets.


To sum up, we are scattered around the whole organization and we learn heaps of new things!

Until next time!
Helena & Peter