Svalöf Weibull (SW) concentrates its business


PRESS RELEASE 03.07.2006

Svalöf Weibull (SW) concentrates its business

As from 1 September ownership of SW Seed Canada Ltd is being transferred to the Canadian company FARMPURE SEEDS INC.

"The sale of our Canadian business is part of SWs strategy of becoming even more efficient on our prioritised markets. The aim is to be a leading supplier of types and seed in Northern and Central Europe," says Monika Lekander, CEO of SW.

SW Seed Canada Ltd is being acquired by the FarmPure group, which specialises in food and seed. FarmPure is owned by over 200 farmers and shareholders. "We are very happy to be acquiring such a well-managed company as SW Seed Canada. The company complements our business, and we intend to continue running the business in its present scope," says Trenton Baisley, CEO of FarmPure.

SW covers both agricultural and horticultural business. The core business in the field of agriculture is plant breeding and producing seed for areas with a cold temperate climate, specialising in corn, rape and grassland. The main markets are Northern and Central Europe. The subsidiary Weibull trädgård is the Nordic countries leading horticultural company. SW is owned by Lantmännen (60%) and BASF (40%).

For further information please contact: Monika Lekander, CEO, Svalöf Weibull Tel.: +46 (0)418-667 000 or +46 (0)706-06 61 91

From the left: Trenton Baisley, CEO FarmPure, Monika Lekander, CEO Svalöf Weibull, Gordon Rettaler, MD SW Seed Canada Ltd, Gregor Gmerek, CFO FarmPure.